NDIS Reasonable and Necessary Explained

Are you familiar with the NDIS Reasonable and Necessary? Find out what's reasonable and necessary when it comes to NDIS funding.

Millennium Disability Care
May 9, 2022
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NDIS Reasonable and Necessary Explained
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The NDIS funds a range of supports, including education, employment, living arrangements, and health and wellbeing.

For a disability support or service to meet the criteria for NDIS funding, it must be deemed 'reasonable and necessary'.

This article goes through the NDIS Reasonable and Necessary checklist, detailing what will or won't be allowed.

The NDIS Reasonable and Necessary Checklist

For a support to be considered 'reasonable and necessary' by the National Disability Insurance Agency it:

Must be related to your disability

-For example, if your disability prevents you from properly cleaning your house, then funding will cover the hire of a cleaner.

Must not include day-to-day costs unrelated to your disability support needs

-It won't pay for your lottery tickets or a bottle of wine, but it can fund mobility aids or equipment that help you stay more independent.

Must represent value for money

-If the fund is being used to buy you equipment to help maintain your independence, they must be fairly priced and represent value for money.

Must be likely to be effective in helping you achieve your goals

-Does the support or service fit in with the goals you defined in your NDIS Planning Meeting?

It should not be something your other formal, and informal supports can be reasonably expected to help with

-For example, if you live in shared accommodation, the fund won't cover cleaning the house for the whole home; or if your family, carer, or other existing government-funded supports can help you, then the funding may not cover further 'unnecessary' help here.

Reasonable and necessary supports the fund WILL cover include:

  • help with personal care
  • help with any essential cleaning
  • help administering medication
  • help to find and maintain employment
  • transport to doctors appointments or social arrangements
  • assistance with some household tasks
  • mobility aids and equipment
  • home and vehicle modifications


'Reasonable and necessary' is different for everyone.

Make sure to include all your goals in your NDIS planning meeting, and so long as they meet these criteria, there is a better chance that your funding will cover them.

For a complete list of the NDIS services provided by Millennium, click here, or if you have any further questions on the reasonable and necessary criteria, leave us a message, and we'll get back to you soon!