NDIS Translation Services

NDIS Translation Services

Millennium Disability Care Services are committed to help with Interpreting.

If you are an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) participant who needs support to communicate with NDIS staff, you can request interpreters to assist you. Interpreters can help people who don't speak English very well with both spoken and written communication.  

NDIS staff will connect you with a phone interpreter or organize a face-to-face meeting if you need translation services. The interpreter's primary role is to ensure that the NDIS participant understands what NDIS staff are saying.

The NDIS participant may also ask their NDIS provider to pay for other services if needed. For example, the NDIS participant may need interpreting services to help them go to a meeting with their NDIS provider.

Who is eligible for NDIS interpretation and translation services?

Translation services may be available if an NDIS participant needs support with the NDIS process during an NDIS plan review or other NDIS activity.

The participants can also get translation services if they are not yet ready to begin an NDIS plan but want to understand information about their rights and responsibilities under the NDIS.

Translation services by NDIS are not available to the participants who want a general interpreter or translator for personal or non-NDIS purposes.

How do NDIS participants access translation services?

To receive NDIS services, participants should contact NDIS interpretation and translation services providers before making requests for NDIS plan reviews or NDIS related activities. An NDIS participant should also request NDIS translated information, supports, and services well before they need them.

Participants can find the contact details of their NDIS translator through the NDIA website.

Using your NDIS plan

Language Interpretation supports are not included in your NDIS plan. The Registrants to NDIS, including Support Coordinators, can use TIS National to permit an NDIS participant and their caregivers to access NCIS-covered interpretation.

You will need to consult with an NDIS provider when you need interpreter services to help organize a specific interpreter whenever you meet with them to get that same interpreter.

Language interpreters are not included in NDIS plans and are not required to make up an NDIS program.

Does NDIS provide interpreters?

NDIS does not provide interpreter services or translate written documents into other languages. NDIS will authorize Interpreting services for a person's preferred spoken language when the participants meet NDIS requirements.

NDIS Translation Services at Millennium Disability Care

Millennium Disability Care is a registered interpreting service provider committed to helping with interpreting. Services allow the transfer of communications from a person's preferred language into English.

TIS National delivers interpreting Services on behalf of Millennium Disability Care. TIS National is an interpreting service provided by the Department of Home Affairs. TIS National contract more than 3,000 certified interpreters across Australia, in more than 160 languages.

Millennium Disability Care is a Member Of Translating And Interpreting Service (TIS).

Our staff

As registered providers, the Millennium Disability Care team employs professionals who will help ensure a clear communication channel for clients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We provide multiple interpreting and translation services, including:

Services available for NDIS participants to use with registered providers include:

  • Immediate phone interpreting.
  • Pre-booked phone interpreting.
  • On-site interpreting.

To book interpreters or to register for a TIS National Client Code, make sure to visit www.tisnational.gov.au. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an enquiry, and we will gladly respond in the shortest time possible!

Client ID: C008653