NDIS Transport Services

NDIS Transport Services

With our transportation services, a support worker assigned to you will drive you to your appointment or another place in the community and take you back home when you’re done.

What is National Disability Insurance Scheme transport funding?

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transport funding is a payment from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to support NDIS participants who need help getting to NDIS supports and services.

NDIS is a national, government-funded scheme that supports Australians with permanent and significant disabilities to live safe, independent lives.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides individualised support packages to assist people with disabilities to find jobs, get an education, manage daily tasks, and improve their quality of life.

What is transport funding?

This type of assistance is a payment from the NDIA to help an NDIS participant get to NDIS supports and services. The payment can be for transport costs such as:

  • Public transport
  • Taxi fares
  • Support worker picking you up & dropping you off

How does the NDIS fund transport?

The NDIA determines NDIS funding for transport based on the participant's support plan.

Participants use the funds to pay for public transport, taxi fares, or vehicle hire. An NDIS participant can also use their funds to cover other service providers (e.g. driving school) directly for transportation services not covered by NDIS. It is possible to use the transportation funds only to pay for transportation needed due to disability.

How will NDIA know which NDIS participant needs the funding?

The NDIA assesses each participant's plan to understand their needs. If the NDIA identifies an NDIS participant who needs help getting to NDIS supports and services, NDIA will make sure the participant can access funding for transportation as a part of their plan.

How much NDIS funding for transport can a participant get?

The NDIA uses the participant's NDIS plan to determine how much NDIS funds they can get each year for transportation needs. The NDIA sets an upper limit on this amount.

How NDIA pays NDIS Transportation Funding?

NDIA will provide every participant with a regular payment from their bank account, at least quarterly. NDIA can also make one-off payments for urgent assistance.

If NDIA makes an NDIS transport payment for a taxi trip, NDIA will pay the taxi driver directly. NDIA will also pay for the cost of travel if a car or van is hired.

What if NDIS Funding for transport is not enough?

If the amount is not enough to cover the NDIS participant's transportation costs, they can use other NDIS funds to pay the difference. NDIS participants can also use their support package to pay for transportation costs.

Who is eligible?

If a person with a disability cannot travel independently using public transport without significant difficulty due to their condition, they will generally be able to obtain the funds needed for transport assistance.

People who:

  • are NDIS participants
  • need transport support because of their disability, and
  • receive an NDIS package with one or more NDIS funded supports.

How do I make a claim?

People who hold an NDIS plan can access their online account to make claims through NDIS Coordinated Care Provider Groups or NDIA Local Area Coordinators.

For more information, visit the NDIA website, call the NDIS Transport Information Line, or call NDIS on 1800 800 110.

What if you can't use public transport?

If you cannot access public transportation without significant difficulty due to your condition, the NDIA may provide support in another form. This includes transport support such as  taxi service, the hire of a vehicle, or driving lessons.

The NDIA will try to work out the most appropriate and cost-efficient form of transport services for the participant.

Can I claim a taxi on NDIS?

Yes, it is possible to claim taxi fares when travelling to and from NDIS funded supports and services. The NDIA will fund the most appropriate and cost-effective form of transportation for the individual, including taxis, public transport, or vehicle hire.

Does NDIS cover moving costs?

No, moving costs are not covered. NDIS can provide additional funding to support people with the cost of moving from one place to another if it is a reasonable and necessary part of getting them ready for NDIS supports and services.

For example, NDIS might provide other types of funding to move a person's furniture or car if NDIS believes that the person will use the NDIS support and services soon afterwards.

When NDIS provides funding for moving, it is separate from transportation funding provided to help the participants get to NDIS supports and services.

Can you claim travel on NDIS?

Travel costs are not part of the NDIS funds. NDIS can provide additional funding if reasonable and necessary for the participants to get ready to use NDIS supports and services.

This might include travel costs for the participants to attend day programs or appointments with NDIS staff, training or workshops.

What is the NDIS transport process with Millennium Disability Care?

Unable to take public transport?

With our transportation service and drivers, a support worker assigned to you will drive you to your appointment or another place in the community and take you back home when you’re done.

Our disability assisted travel and transport supports booking services ongoing, such as a weekly trip to the shops or regular medical appointments. We provide each client with safe, convenient transport, scheduled in advance to help you get to your destination, including:

  • School or another educational facility, work.
  • Your doctor or other medical appointments.
  • Your local shopping centres to run errands.
  • Around your community or other events.
Handicap Mobility!

Reliable staff will care for you

Our transportation services include professional drivers always at your disposal. We've provided transport services and the right support to countless people with disabilities. Therefore, we know how to provide disability support efficiently and ensure every client feels safe.

We believe quality services come from having the best people on board. We work with qualified employees who have years of experience. This way, we make sure all the clients who choose our services receive only the best transportation assistance, and all their transport needs are met.

Millennium Care is a Registered NDIS transport provider

We are one of Melbourne and Brisbane's top NDIS transport service providers. The support worker assigned to you will:

  • Have a valid Driver’s License
  • Have a valid Police check
  • Have the qualifications to work in this industry

If you would like to enquire or ask us any questions about our disability support, you can reach us at any time easily with our online enquiry form. Choose Millennium Disability Care as your provider for all your transportation needs!